filtry_powietrza Air filters

The air filter stops impurities from the air sucked in by the engine and helps maintain the appropriate engine power, torque, and low fuel consumption.

If not for the filter, polluted air - full of pollen and street dust - would go straight into the combustion chamber. Engine impurities act like abrasive paper and cause damage to piston rings, bushes, and cylinders.



Filter medium resistant to the spread of flames

All FILTRON air filters possess filter media which, according to the F1 or S1 flammability class, do not let fire spread (by causing flames to self-extinguish) and can protect passengers from a possible fire if a ignition source enters into the air supply system.


Durable and airtight filter seals

For the production of air filter gaskets, we use a unique polyurethane mixture that is distinguished by its elasticity and resistance to compression at extremely high temperatures. Thanks to the unique properties of our seals, FILTRON air filters maintain the tightness of the housing even in very difficult operating conditions.  


Modern filter materials

FILTRON air filters use modern filter materials produced on the basis of cellulose fibres or synthetic fibres. These materials ensure a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles as small as a few microns in size.


Pleats stabilised by ribs

FILTRON air filter pleats are stabilised by means of special ribbing which prevents the adherence of adjacent pleats. Thanks to the uniform distribution of pleats, the filtration process takes place over the entire surface of the filter media, which results in the full utilisation of the engine’s power.


The quality of FILTRON filters results from our competence as a supplier of original equipment

Our many years of experience in the production of filters fitted as original equipment translates into the quality of FILTRON filters. We cooperate with the following leading automotive companies for which we design and produce original filters: Mercedes‑Benz, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Rolls‑Royce, Renault, Volvo and Tesla.




Round filters

Round filters

These are becoming less and less popular because the space used for air intake systems in modern passenger cars has been significantly reduced due to the installation of many additional systems (e.g. air conditioning). Circular filters with a complex structure, are popular in high-capacity premium vehicles

Panel filters with cellulose blotting paper

Panel filters with cellulose blotting paper

Panel air filters with cellulose blotting paper are installed in most of today's models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The technology of producing these filters is complicated due to the need to use, in many cases, elements increasing the rigidity of the filter pleats.

Panel filters with synthetic non-woven fabric

Panel filters with synthetic non-woven fabric

Synthetic non-wovens have very good filtration properties, but are less rigid than cellulose blotting paper. To ensure the proper stiffness of synthetic non-woven filters, the filter medium is placed in a plastic frame created by injection moulding. Additional reinforcement can be provided by a special plastic mesh, which also protects against damage during operation.