filtry_paliwa Fuel filters

The fuel filter stops contaminants found in fuel which can include rust, metal chips, dust, and other solid particles. The effects of inadequate fuel filtration can be: 

  • a significant decrease in engine power
  • the disturbance or interruption of the fuel supply
  • damage to fuel-system components



Precise and effective filtration

FILTRON fuel filters effectively stop the finest impurities, which are several dozen times smaller than grains of sand. The high quality of FILTRON filters stems from our expertise and modern production standards.


Protection of modern injection systems

Injection systems used in diesel engines require extremely efficient filtration and water separation. FILTRON offers a wide range of fuel filters for vehicles with advanced injection systems. These filters meet the most stringent requirements thanks to the use of advanced technological solutions such as multi-stage water separation.  


Filter media tailored to the engine’s requirements

FILTRON fuel filters include highly-effective filter media tailored to the requirements of the engine or vehicle manufacturer. The effectiveness and properties of our filter media are tested in a modern laboratory, where we perform about 4000 tests annually.


Installation manual included with selected filters

FILTRON's sophisticated fuel filters come with an accurate, illustrated installation manual for replacing filters. All manuals can also be found on our website.


The quality of FILTRON filters results from our competence as a supplier of original equipment

Our many years of experience in the production of filters fitted as original equipment translates into the quality of FILTRON filters. We cooperate with the following leading automotive companies for which we design and produce original filters: Mercedes‑Benz, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Rolls‑Royce, Renault, Volvo and Tesla.




Filters with connectors

Filters with connectors

These filters have the form of a sealed metal or plastic housing with connectors to the appropriate fuel lines. They are used in both petrol engines and diesel engines. Selected filter models with connectors for diesel engines have multi-stage filtration systems. These systems increase filtration efficiency and extend the lifespan of the filter.

Fuel filter elements

Fuel filter elements

These are used mainly in diesel engines as a removable element mounted in a housing integrated with the engine. Modern fuel filter elements are manufactured without the use of metal parts. The bottom-caps and cores of such filters are made of appropriately selected fuel-resistant plastics. The lack of metal components makes it easier to dispose of the filter.

Screw-in filters

Screw-in filters

These resemble spin-on filters, however they do not contain any internal valves. This is due to the fact that only pure fuel should enter the combustion chamber of the engine. It is better for the engine to stop working because of a lack of fuel flow (obstructed filter) than for it to be powered by contaminated fuel. In the case of screw-in fuel filters, the likelihood of accidental introduction of impurities to the fuel system during the replacement of filters is minimal.