filtry_oleju Oil filters

The oil filter stops impurities in the oil which are passed on from the combustion chamber and are created during the friction of the engine parts that are working together. If not for the filter, the contaminated oil would increase the wear of the moving parts, which would directly increase the risk of engine damage.



Top quality materials

The quality of our materials is laboratory-controlled, which lets us ensure that both the filter medium and the valves, springs, housings and other filter elements meet their requirements, even in the most difficult operating conditions.


Verified tightness

During the production process, we carry out a number of tightness tests on oil filters which have a housing. Tests are carried out using modern and automated measuring machines. When buying a FILTRON oil filter, you can be sure that it resistant to oil leakage.


Precise valves tailored to requirements

In spin-on oil filters with valves, it is important that the design and properties of the valves match the requirements of the engine or vehicle manufacturer. The valves in FILTRON oil filters are designed according to the individual requirements so that the filter always functions properly in the oil system.  


The use of modern plastics

Replacing metal elements of the oil filter with plastic elements is a common trend in the filter industry. This facilitates the utilisation of the filter and reduces its mass. The plastics we use are thoroughly laboratory tested, therefore their quality always meets any stringent requirements.  


The quality of FILTRON filters results from our competence as a supplier of original equipment

Our many years of experience in the production of filters fitted as original equipment translates into the quality of FILTRON filters. We cooperate with the following leading automotive companies for which we design and produce original filters: Mercedes‑Benz, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Rolls‑Royce, Renault, Volvo and Tesla.




Spin-on filter

Spin-on filter

This type of filter consists of an element located in a steel threaded housing with which the filter is screwed directly to the engine body. The advantages of the spin-on filter are the high resistance of its structure to damage and the simple process of its replacement. Replacing the spin-on oil filter happens virtually without the risk of introducing impurities into the engine oil system.

Oil filter element

Oil filter element

They are mounted in sealed housings integrated with the engine. Housings usually have all the valves needed for proper filter operation in the engine oil system and the parts positioning the filter element, which guarantee its tightness in the housing. Modern oil filter elements are manufactured without the use of metal parts. The bottom-caps and cores of this type of filters are made of modern plastics. The lack of metal components is not only better for the environment but makes for easier disposal.