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Air dryers are most commonly used in pneumatic brake systems for heavy goods vehicles and buses. Their task is to absorb moisture, dirt and oil droplets which are present in the compressed air. Thus, air dryers protect the pneumatic system from corrosion and ensure proper operation, especially in the winter. Adsorption occurs when the air flows through the dryer. This is the chemical binding of moisture contained in the air through the use of a special granulate with strong hygroscopic properties. The use of air dryers extends the service life of pneumatic components.


In response to increasingly stringent emissions standards, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems are becoming more and more common in vehicles. Their task is to reduce harmful gases from the exhaust fumes by injecting a special aqueous urea solution into the catalyst. FILTRON urea filters stop impurities present in the urea solution, which prevents wear of the SCR injection nozzles and contributes to the effective reduction of harmful gases.


Coolant filters are used in large diesel engines for heavy goods vehicles and utility machines. Their main task is to filter the coolant and to effectively stop solid impurities. Most liquid filters contain active ingredients - corrosion inhibitors that are slowly released into the coolant and supplement the level of additives which undergo degradation during operation. They maintain a constant high level of thermal conductivity of the liquid, as well as its anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation properties.

Original equipment supplier’s expertise

The high quality of FILTRON products results from the broad expertise of MANN+HUMMEL – our company is the leading supplier of original filters for the largest car manufacturers in the world. MANN+HUMMEL is the world leader in filtration technology.