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All FILTRON filters are of high quality thanks to our production standards. These standards are documented by numerous quality awards from car manufacturers, as well as by certificates of compliance with the ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Another factor which has an influence on the quality of FILTRON filters is our expertise as a supplier of original equipment and the standards of laboratory filter inspections. Our modern laboratory uses more than 60 testing methods in accordance with international standards. We control both the quality of materials used in production, as well as the strength and effectiveness of the finished products.

Yes. We cooperate with leading automotive companies for which we design and produce over 100 original filter models. These brands include Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Renault, Volvo, and Tesla (over 20 brands in total). Our many years of experience in the production of filters fitted as original equipment translates into the quality of FILTRON filters.

No. According to Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010 of 27 May 2010, the installation of an original FILTRON filter does not result in loss of the manufacturer's warranty. However, the installation must follow the instructions described in the latest FILTRON filter catalogue.

Yes. We guarantee the high quality of FILTRON filters and take responsibility for damage to the engine of the vehicle in the event of faulty operation. However, the guarantee does not cover, in particular, damage to the engine caused by improper installation of the filter in the filter system contrary to the operating instructions.

For more information on the guarantee, see the Responsibility for Quality section.

Complaints should always be filed at the place of purchase of the filter. Our company only accepts complaints from FILTRON filter distributors.

For more information on the guarantee, see the Responsibility for Quality section.


PP spin-on fuel filter
PE ECO fuel filter element (with plastic end caps)
PM fuel filter element (with metal end caps)
PW fuel filter element with a non-woven filtration medium
PK water separator / pre-filter
PS fuel filter element in plastic housing

OP spin-on oil filter
OE ECO oil filter element (with plastic end caps)
OM oil filter element with metal end caps (hydraulic filter if the number of the part ends with the letter ‘H’)
OT transmission oil filter
OR rotor oil filter
OC canister oil filter

AP panel air filter
AR round air filter
AK air filter with plastic components
AD air dryer
AE ellipse air filter
AM air filter with metal end caps (with filter safety feature if the number of the part ends with the letter ‘W’) 

K standard cabin filter
K…A activated carbon cabin filter (if the number of the part ends with the letter ‘A’)
K...-3X The number before the letter ‘X’ shows the quantity of filters per unit. Example: K1105A-2X filter contains two activated carbon filters.

SE separator
CW coolant filter
UE urea filter

Our range of filters covers 97% of the European vehicle market. We offer all types of filters for the automotive industry, as well as filters for machines, heavy equipment, and specialised devices. Our product range includes over 2700 types of filters.

Yes, we have a wide range of filters for LPG installations, which can be found in the Special Filters section.

Yes. We also manufacture filters for individual orders. The customer should determine the performance parameters of such a filter and send the design and/or technical characteristics. We also offer a filter regeneration service, which involves the replacement of the used filter medium and gaskets (while keeping the existing filter elements such as the bottom-caps, cores, valves, etc.).

Our product department representatives will provide more information on customised filters. Their contact details can be found in the contact section.

If you cannot find your machine in the FILTRON catalogue, we recommend contacting the Product Manager (tel. 065 572 90 18) or the Short Serial Production of Industrial Filters Manager - (tel. 065 578 89 90).

We do not sell filters directly. You can find our products in our distributors, as well as in good shops and auto workshops.