Our strategy: reliability and solutions that make working with filters easier!

FILTRON is the most often chosen automotive filter brand in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The brand's high quality filters is ensured by the OE competence of the brand owner, the MANN+HUMMEL Group, which has been producing original filters for the biggest car manufacturers for decades.
To what does the FILTRON brand owe its extremely dynamic development in the recent years?
"When it comes to the FILTRON brand's developmental strategy, for many years we have put great emphasis on ensuring the reliability of our products as well as providing solutions to make the mechanics’ daily work with filters easier. The success of the FILTRON brand is based on, in my opinion, a simultaneous focus on the quality of our filters and on the service based on partnership relations. The impulse for development is always the customer, whose voice we listen to", says Lidia Misiuna – Head of Marketing at MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland, responsible for the development of the FILTRON brand
The reliability of the FILTRON filters over their entire recommended service life is based on the highest production standards of the MANN+HUMMEL Group, as well as on the competence in designing future filter solutions. However, it is worth noting that the FILTRON brand offers much more than reliable protection.
"We try to make the selection and installation of each filter as easy as possible for the mechanics: we provide training support, video installation instructions, and continuous development of the usability of our on-line catalogue. The emphasis on the marking system for FILTRON products, which has been our trademark for years (different colours and logical numbers), is also important. Many of our customers know the numbering of our filters by heart! The FILTRON product identification has become a standard in the filtration industry. As a result of the consistent implementation of our strategy, we can boast that we currently supply as many as 36 million FILTRON filters a year to thousands of mechanics from all over Europe" adds Lidia Misiuna
One of the many proofs of the dynamic development of the FILTRON brand is the fact that it joined the prestigious group of brands licensed by such international groups as: ADI, GAI, TEMOT, and NEXUS in 2019. Only recognised, selected brands offering proven and high quality products belong to this group.
New sales development strategy
Based on thorough market analyses, MANN+HUMMEL developed in 2019 a new strategy to further develop sales for all its brands in Europe. The Management Board of the MANN+HUMMEL Group has taken the following decisions in this respect:
1. Sales and marketing activities for the FILTRON brand will be focused on the Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets, where the FILTRON brand has for many years been the most often chosen brand, which has gained the trust of thousands of mechanics.
2. The WIX Filters brand remains as the main brand of the medium segment for Western European customers. All sales and marketing activities aimed at the development of the WIX Filters brand will primarily focus on the Western European markets.
We are convinced that the actions resulting from the above decisions will contribute to the effective development of sales and the image of all brands in the MANN+HUMMEL Group portfolio.

How does the FILTRON brand make the mechanics’ work easier?

Different packaging colours for different filter types, and easy-to-remember numbers

Different packaging colours and comprehensible filter numbers have been the hallmarks of the FILTRON brand for years. These features make it easier to find filters in stock and reduce the risk of mismatch.

A complete information system for FILTRON filters

Checking the application and specifications of a given FILTRON filter is simple and quick thanks to the filter catalogue, which is available in printed, mobile, and on-line versions.

Installation instructions in paper version and in VIDEO form

Filters with complex installation are provided with printed manuals. In 2018, FILTRON also started a series of instructional videos on YouTube and our website, accessible through the Instructions tab and on the pages of specific filters.

Free interactive on-line training for every mechanic and salesman

Specialists from the FILTRON brand team share their knowledge about filtration products and technology through the FILTRON ACADEMY interactive on-line training, which has already been completed by over 8500 FILTRON brand customers. The training is available at: www.academy.filtron.eu

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